If someone told you there was a faster, cleaner, healthier, and more affordable way to have your nails done... one that didn’t require UV lighting (no more stinging sensations) or harsh chemicals that strip your nails down. A solution that didn't have that “nail salon” smell, dried instantly, had a durable mirror shine finish, was as long lasting as gel... And best of all, had vitamins in it to make your nails grow stronger and longer...would you say "no" to that?

Here at Powder, this Powder Dip technique is our specialty. It's a natural gel alternative that does all of the above and more. We’re also one of the only Los Angeles salons to be Signature Nail Systems (SNS) certified.

The EPA classifies regular nail polish as hazardous household waste, which is why we don't offer it. Our organic polishes are all 5-free and up, so no harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate are used, which can cause disease and internal toxicity over time. 

Our facial bar features curated vegan and cruelty free products from Body Deli & Skin Script that pack the punch when it comes to potency and results. Our nail and facial bar model at Powder is different. Other nail salons offer facials as an afterthought and nail technicians moonlight as estheticians. At Powder, our seasoned estheticians are specifically trained to do facial services, and that's all they do here. 

Affordability and stress-free booking give you the ability to keep your facial routine up, instead of treating it like a yearly luxury. The goal here is to get your skin glowing and to make sure it stays that way. 

We also offer hair removal, spray tanning and full body massage.